Manage the entire event in one platform.

Shorten restoration time & improve cost recovery.

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Storm Manager helps companies impacted by Natural Disasters manage the influx of resources needed to deal with the disaster.

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Storm Manager brings unmatched efficiency to the process of securing the resources needed, tracking them throughout the event, providing meals & lodging, and ensuring everyone gets paid for the prudent charges incurred to provide service.

Storm Manager works with all emergency response operations including: Utilities, DOTs, Gas, Cable / Fiber, Telecom, Wildfire Fighters, Insurance Adjusters, and FEMA.

The Storm Manager systems facilitates the acquiring and management of resources throughout the entire restoration event, including:

  • Resource Activation / Acquisition
  • Workforce Development / Crew Rosters
  • Time / Expense Tracking, Approval, & Invoicing
  • GPS Tracking of Resource Locations
  • Meals & Lodging
  • Direct Communication to Workforce
  • Dynamic Reporting & Data Requests
  • Digital record of all activity (time, user GPS)
  • Contract Management (during blue-sky days)

Storm Manager connects the impacted companies with their entire workforce both internal and external in real-time. Field based users use this mobile application to update their crew roster, track their time, submit their expenses, and get directions to their hotels.

After major events, Storm Manager helps Utilities get the lights on quicker, DOTs clear the roads quicker, Wildfire Fighters put the fires out quicker.

Drive efficiencies and shorten restoration time.

Increase Efficiency

  • Secure crews more quickly
  • Track resources seamlessly
  • Simplify meals / lodging and automate notifications
  • Automate reporting & streamline data request responses
  • Drastically reduce post storm invoice reconciliation
  • Connect utilities and contractors on the same platform, eliminating handoffs and work for utilities

Cost Savings

  • Better utilization of the crews shorten restoration time
  • Reduce OT hours of support staff
  • Eliminate unused hotel rooms
  • Streamline post storm reconciliation
  • Reduce time spent responding to regulatory requests
  • Storm Manager improves every part of the storm response process saving utilities countless hours and money

Cost Recovery

  • Facilitates approval of hours & expenses as they occur
  • Every transaction is time, user, and GPS stamped
  • Seamlessly keeping a rock-solid digital record of all activity
  • Respond to data requests quickly and with more precision
  • Storm Manager allows utilities to improve cost


  • Easy-to-use interface streamlines lodging assignment
  • System knows demand based on crew sheets in system
  • Algorithm uses crew locations to minimize drive time to hotel
  • Automate notification of room assignment
  • Storm Manager ensures crews have a place to sleep and all rooms secured are used

Connect field and office operations in real-time

Manage work, create estimates, track financials, compile payroll, automate invoicing and much more

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