Manage all winter operations in one platform.

Drive transparency and accountability.

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Storm Manager helps states impacted by inclement weather manage the influx of resources needed to deal with the clean-up.

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Storm Manager brings unmatched efficiency and transparency to managing winter weather events. Storm Manager helps states manage vendor on-boarding, internal resources, and all event activities.

Storm Manager works with states and their Department of Transportations (DOTs) to quickly and efficiently secure the resources needed, track them during the event, and automate all invoices and payments. 

The Storm Manager systems facilitates the acquiring and management of resources throughout the entire weather event, including:

  • Resource Activation / Acquisition
  • Time / Expense Tracking, Approval, & Invoicing
  • GPS Tracking of Resource Locations
  • Direct Communication to Workforce
  • Dynamic Reporting & Data Requests
  • Digital record of all activity (time, user, GPS stamps)
  • Vendor On-boarding (during blue-sky days)
  • Equipment Approval Process (during blue-sky days)

Storm Manager connects the DOT with their entire workforce both internal and external in real-time. Field based users use this mobile application to submit their trucks, track their time, submit their expenses, and get important communications.

After major events, Storm Manager helps DOTs clear the roads quicker while driving accountability across all their vendors.

Connecting all users in one seamless platform.

Save Money

  • Automate back-office processes and reporting. On average Storm Manager drivers 35% reduction in time to process invoices.
  • Eliminate time drivers not on-route.
  • Ensure salt is only being used by state plow trucks. 5-10% reduction in salt leak, saves states millions of dollars.
  • Easily track vehicle breakdowns and broken equipment. Only pay for working equipment. Eliminate financial impact of 15% of vehicles that breakdown during the course of an event.
  • Real-time understanding of costs being incurred
  • Streamline post storm reconciliation, optimize FEMA reimbursement

Increase Efficiency

  • Secure trucks more quickly
  • Seamlessly communicate with internal and external drivers
  • Full visibility of all truck locations at all times
  • Automate reporting & streamline data request responses
  • Streamline vendor registration & equipment inspections

logo-storm-sm Drive Accountability

  • Facilitates approval of hours & expenses as they occur
  • Every transaction is time, user, and GPS stamped
  • Seamlessly keeping a rock-solid digital record of all activity
  • Investigate damage complaints utilizing GPS map showing driver location throughout shift

Connect field and office operations in real-time

Manage work, create estimates, track financials, compile payroll, automate invoicing and much more

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